Aged Sumatra - what is it?

Aged Sumatra coffee is a conventional Sumatra that has gone through the traditional aging process in which it sits in a climate controlled warehouse for a minimum of 3-5 years.  Every 6 months, the burlap sacks containing the unroasted coffee are tested and rotated.

The practice of aging originates from the 19th century, in which coffee from the Far East would ship to Europe in the hulls of sailing vessels. The coffees were exposed to moist, humid, and salty air in these voyages, and would age quickly. The modern aging process was developed to replicate the characteristics that these early coffees obtained naturally.

The aging process deepens flavours while also mellowing them, accentuating certain notes over others.

The aroma is earthy with a hint of pipe tobacco and chocolate. In flavor, there is a lot of the same stuff, but a bit of ripe-fruit in the background. The medium acidity is very nice and crisp, especially for a Sumatra and has a very clean aftertaste.

The remarkable flavors of this Sumatra coffee, paired with a meticulous aging process, deliver a big, bold cup of coffee that reflects the time and care that have been put into it.

Available for a limited time in store and online.