I'm confused. Is it Edge Coffee or Sauvie Island Coffee?

Right now, it's kind of both. Sauvie Island Coffee acquired Edge Coffee in 2016. Changing all of the signage to reflect the new name of the cafe is our goal for this year. Plans for this were put on hold due to the pandemic, as it's a very expensive undertaking and needs approval from several entities before the work can be done. Right now it's a bit like two businesses under one roof, as our roasting operations are based out of our cafe.

When did you open your Beaverton store?

In 2007 Brenda began roasting from her home on Sauvie Island and our coffee shop officially opened in 2016. We continue to provide high-quality fresh coffee with our hand-roasting process.

Is your store located on Sauvie Island?

No, Sauvie Island's zoning laws do not allow for any cafes to be on the island. 

Can you find Sauvie Island Coffee in stores?

Yes, you can. All of the farm stores on the island carry our coffees. We're also in a few local grocery stores, like World Foods on SW Barbur Blvd in Portland, and Market Fresh IGA in St. Helens.

Do you offer free shipping?

Right now we offer free shipping on orders over $45, as well as of course orders placed for in-store pickup at our cafe.