Sauvie Island Coffee - Brenda's Blog


    On January 18, 2022 Sauvie Island Coffee Company's founder Brenda Enyart was a guest on Drop Temp Coffee's weekly podcast.  If you'd like to hear ...
  • How is coffee decaffeinated?

    Swiss Water Decaf Method is 100% chemical free.


  • It's the Water and A Lot More

    The barista boat had trouble early on.
  • It's All in the Family

    Behind the success of every small business, there is a family.
  • Who Invented the Original Diner Mug?

    The Victor Insulator Company was founded in 1893 by Fred M. Locke of Victor, New York. He used the shop to manufacture different porcelain insulat...
  • Aged Sumatra - what is it?

    Aged Sumatra coffee is a conventional Sumatra that has gone through the traditional aging process in which it sits in a climate controlled warehou...
  • Sip Into Summer

    Heading to Sauvie Island to cool off on one of their amazing beaches? Check out one of the amazing farms that sell Sauvie Island Coffee while you're there!