It's the Water and A Lot More

When I hear this phrase I think Olympia Beer.  If you are old enough and from the PNW you may too.  In case you forgot, click here for that blast from the past Olympia Beer Commercial.

For the employees of Sauvie Island Coffee this phrase meant whitewater rafting, good times, and a good old fashioned glacier water cleansing.

Our trip began in Husum Wa, on the White Salmon River.  The White Salmon flows from it's headwaters at Mt. Adams into the Columbia River near a small town called Underwood.  The scenery is incredible and the water is a clear blue, filled with continuous churning rapids and waterfalls.  

We were split into two groups.  The staff in one boat and my friend and I in another.  

The barista boat had trouble early on getting thrown around on every other "named" rapid.  At one point the boat became wedged long enough between two huge rocks it became part of the waterfall.  Ben fell out first, and then one by one everyone one had to bail.   

Cleansed and re-born in this nationally designated Wild and Scenic river, the barista crew re-boarded and paddled on.  The rest of their story is just a series of hilarious photos captured towards the end of the ride.  View here on IG

We celebrated our success of conquering Husum Falls (the tallest floatable waterfall in the US!) at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon afterwards.  With all the personal experiences shared, I expect a new drink special to come out of this trip. Think "Hail Mary".

Many smiles, screams, and laughs were had this weekend; then again, I guess that's no different than any afternoon here at the shop.  IYKYK!

All the best,

Brenda Enyart owner/roaster/founder