It's All in the Family

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Redmond Oregon to visit my brother, his wife, her brother and their kids.  The event was a country music concert held at General Duffy's Waterhole, a Tap House right off of Hwy 26.  

They just started their own Wood Fired Pizza truck called Dough Mama's and have it parked in a food truck court at General Duffy's.  Check it out if you are driving through town, the pizza is excellent!  

A customer approached the cart, ordered then asked "Are you guys all family"?!?!?  He was ecstatic when we said yes.  He replied with his hands in the air "That is so cool, I would LOVE to work with my family. You are so lucky"!  

He was genuinely so excited for us it really made me think about how lucky we really are if we can work with family.  

So many Sauvie Island farms and businesses are family operated (some, even, for generations!).  I can think of 10 right now off the top of my head:  The Pumpkin Patch, Bella Organic Farm, Columbia Farms U-Pick, Douglas Farms, Topaz Farm, Sauvie Island Farm, G.M Farms, Fazio Farm, Charlton Kennels, and Sauvie Island Kennels.  

And while the coffee shop doesn't count as a farm, I am purchasing green coffee from many small family farms in various countries; JC Coffee Farms in Brazil is just one example of these.

We have been buying direct from Sergio for 6 plus years now. Sergio and his partner Ibraim are 3rd and 4th generation farmers, located in Carmo de Minas and Sul de Minas region of Brazil.   Similar to Sauvie Island, their farms were established in the late 1800's as dairy and cattle farms and coffee plantations (not so similar).

In fact, their coffees are a major component in our Espresso Nectar Blend, which won a Silver Medal in 2017 at the Golden Bean Awards!  

Behind the success of every small business, there is a family.  And we are proud to be part of a network of family operated, small businesses.  

All the Best,

Brenda Enyart owner/roaster/founder